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Q. Iím a new customer and Iím unable to sign in ?
A. This rarely happens and I donít understand the reason for it, I do know that previous customers have been successful when trying a different computer. You could always ring me 01535 657698 and give your details over the phone for me to register you. Whatever password we use can be changed by yourself in ďMy ProfileĒ

Q. Iíve sent you an order but canít remember what songs I chose ?
A. Once logged in simply click on ďMy OrdersĒ a further click on the order number will reveal all.

Q. What is the quality of the recordings for instant download ?
A. All tracks for instant download are recorded in mp3 format 192 kbps Ė CD quality. Tracks on CD/mini disc/USB Stick are delivered 44.1 khz 16 bit stereo

Q. What happens when my order is for instant download and Iíve paid ?

A. You will be presented with a download page for instant access to your song/s
You will also receive an automated email thanking you for your order with a link to download your track/s.
Login using your email + password you entered when you first registered and click on "My Orders" click on the text "Download" your orders may be downloaded as many times as you wish with no expiry date
Q. Iíve ordered and paid for instant download but havenít received an email ?
A. Unfortunately emails containing links are notorious for being treated as spam. PLEASE check your SPAM folder.Alternatively login to your account and select "My Orders" click on the text "Download" your orders may be downloaded as many times as you wish with no expiry date Unfortunatley Paypal seem to have an issue where some orders are not marked as paid and therefore the system does not respond, please inform me if I havenít already detected this.

Q. Iíve downloaded my track/s but the file says itís corrupt ?
A. Most likely caused by a glitch during download, please download again or maybe download a little later.
If a downloaded file only shows 16 bytes and will not open, this idicates a problem at my end and should be reported to me ASAP. Your orders will be available for download as many times as you wish. Login to your account and select "My Orders" click on the text "Download" It could however be possible the track has problems caused by myself, in which case please contact me : jeff@backingtracks.co.uk Tel. 01535 657698

Q. How quick will I get my tracks on CD/mini disc/USB stick ?
A. Your order will be posted 1st class within 3 days.

Q. Do your backing tracks have fade out endings ?
A. No, all tracks have proper endings, NO FADE OUTS.

Q. Do you give refunds ?
A. Demoís are provided to enable you to check the key and quality. For this reason refunds cannot be given. However, in the event you chose a wrong key by mistake, or you were unable to use the song when hearing the full version, then I may offer you a replacement.

Q. Iím a guitarist, can you remove the lead guitar ?
A. Some tracks (very few) have been purposely mastered without the lead guitar. Unfortunately I canít remove the guitar from all other tracks.

Q. Do you supply lyrics with your tracks ?
A. Yes, free of charge.

Q. What permissions do I have to use your tracks ?
A. You can use my tracks for any reason you like.The only exception being I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR COPYING FOR RE-SALE.

Q. Do you supply in midi file format ?
A. No, midi file format is not possible.

Q. What payment methods do you accept and is it secure ?
A. Paypal ensures secure online payments, remember you don't need a Paypal account to pay with your credit card.
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